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What Kind of Play? – Journal Prompt

On the Journaling Channel of chat, a prompt was offered by chrissa:

Based on your current mood, what kind of play or scene would suit you? What are you craving to do or to be done to you? Whether it’s pure sex or sadomasochism or just cuddles and being told you’re a good girl. Share all the filthy details, if you’d like.

Answer here, in chat, or even on your own journal.

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  1. thebdsmgarden

    andone replied:
    Here’s my answer for the prompt . As a switch I’m going to give an answer from both perspectives. My submissive side lately has been craving something like being used like a dirty boy blushes to be made to serve more than one person to be degraded and talked dirty too. To make others cum before having a hard long one of my own to indulge my naughtiest kinky desires have my mouth and ass used just gets me …excited thinking about it.

    For my Dominant side I’m craving more a teasing building up session. To tease my partner/s towards orgasm. Sometimes even talk naughty in other languages as I work them towards a orgasm with a vibe or dildo. Make them tell me how it feels and work to receive not only their own orgasmic release but take mine too.I like to count down to orgasm making it a event sometimes I’d like to be making more than on person work for it too blushes

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