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Tell Meta to Stop Denouncing Kink and Non-monogamy

Copy of a chatbot conversation denouncing swinging.

It’s important for institutions like Meta to stop stigmatizing normal sexual behavior as unhealthy or harmful. Tell Meta what you think by signing OPEN’s petition!

Meta’s new AI dating coach is telling users that kink and non-monogamy are “harmful.” Gizmodo reports the AI coach calls swinging “potential harmful activities” and BDSM a “red flag.” “NCSF urges Meta to stop spreading false information and stigmatizing kink and non-monogamy,” says Susan Wright, NCSF Spokesperson. “These behaviors are common, with the Sexual Diversity in America survey finding that at least 30% of adults in America have engaged in kink and 14% have had threesomes. When institutions like Meta perpetuate negative stereotypes, it promotes discrimination and harmful mental health repercussions.”
“When it comes to Meta’s new AI chatbots, this can be dangerous for those who are new to exploring the swinger and kink lifestyle,” says Kiley George, NCSF’s Swing Lifestyle Liaison and producer of the Pineapple Express podcast. “As an influencer on social media that helps new people navigate swinging, non-monogamy and kink, Meta’s hostile remarks toward swinging are not only controversial but it takes away our freedom of speech even when we aren’t violating any community standards. Social media can be a valuable tool for those embracing the swinging lifestyle; it provides a platform to connect, share experiences, and build a supportive community. If AI chatbots are using language like ‘sexual assault’ or ‘abuse’ this can turn people away from those flourishing, safe and supportive communities.”