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The BDSMGarden 2022 Contest

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of The BDSM Garden at http://www.thebdsmgarden.com, we’re holding a winter contest!

This contest encompasses ANY art form!  Fiction Writing, BDSM Articles, Poetry, Art, Photography, or Music.

Your theme is Cold Chains.

Your work must contain elements of BDSM and Winter.

This year’s contest begins on November 13, 2022 and ends on December 15, 2022 at 12 noon ET. Voting will be between 12/15 at 9 PM ET and 12/19 at noon ET. The winner will be announced on December 20, 2022 at 6PM ET. Your prize is a BDSM-themed Christmas ornament, as shown above.

As always, voting will be blind. Work will be submitted for posting on TheBDSMGarden.net via email to cis {at} TheMasque {dot} net. She’ll get them posted anonymously on The Garden’s blog as they come in, as well as keeping track of who created what. This contest is open for all original art and may be either fanwork or original erotica with any theme, any fandom, and in any genre. All authors and characters/depictions in sexual situations must be over 18. Please do not post your art elsewhere until the contest has been voted on to keep it fair and anonymous. You may submit more than one piece to the contest. There is no word-count minimum. Word count maximum is 15K words. This contest is open internationally. All work will be posted on TheBDSMGarden.com.

Submission forms (copy and paste this into your email, please, and mail to [cis @ TheMasque . net])
Rating: 1) Conservative 2) Provocative 3)Risqué 3) Wanton
Content notes/warnings:
How’d you hear about this contest:
Best way to reach you to get your address so you (hopefully) receive your prize in time for Christmas:

This contest is not related to or sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, BDSMlr, or Discord.

Ornament from www.RestrainedGrace.com