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So much has gone on!

So much has gone on, I’ve forgotten to blog about it. Oopsies!
The READ ME A STORY auction went 4 rounds with two buyers, netting us $85. So many thanks to our first reader, Shiv, for reading one of her own stories, Celebration, for our first winner. I look forward to hearing what our second buyer would like (and who!)
The COME PLAY WITH ME auctions went through their run, too, alas without any bids. I did try to put the “Break Through Writer’s Block” auction up on eBay but they absolutely positively insist that I’m selling a book, not a service. Silly eBay. I am pretty happy with the service we used for the Come Play With Me auctions, https://ebanned.net/ (they sell naughty things!). They weren’t real quick to get me set up but the automatic auction template writer was really helpful, once I figured out that things have to be entered into it in HTML. I am sure that we’ll use it again. Perhaps we’ll sell some panties worn by our pretty girls. Would YOU buy them?
Next up, we have a craft auction, Sell Your Stuff. I’m going to list most of my masks to 1) get rid of my stock 2) make my husband happy to have them out of the house and 3) make some money to get the sites rebuilt. The gorgeous and talented Ms Monster, the proprietress of The Monster’s Muse https://www.facebook.com/MonstersMuse/ is listing several pieces of jewelry to benefit the sites. I will post the links as soon as I have them. I’ve seen the pieces and there’s one set that I might need to buy (which sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Christmas and birthdays are coming up though, which gives me a good excuse. Miss Kate Wolf is offering Two Hours of professional prooreading (see what I did there?) to one lucky bidder. That has a value of just over $50. Hopefully we’ll get a few more good things in as the month goes on.
As always, if you’d just like to donate, head over to http://www.themasque.org to go straight to PayPal.
More to come soon!