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Codependence and Ds-Ms

As I sit here (okay, stretch out over my bed with a cat shoved into my side) trying to come up with a blog idea, my mind wandered to what I have on tap for the rest of the week. Need to log in to a few of the local much Zooms, make sure sure […]

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Monster’s Muse

Hey, do you have a piece of jewelry from The Monster’s Muse? If so, she would love for you to leave a review for her on her page! She is offering up a piece of jewelry as an incentive to one lucky reviewer.https://www.facebook.com/MonstersMuse/soon again,k.

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WIKtT New logo redesign

I am just gobsmacked.Jodel of Red Hen http://(http://www.redhen-publications.com/potterverse.html , the original designer of the logo for The WIKTT Archives, has given us a complete redesign of the logo and lettering with buttons to match.She has also, out of the goodness of her heart, given us logos and artwork to put on our products for our […]

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So much has gone on!

So much has gone on, I’ve forgotten to blog about it. Oopsies!The READ ME A STORY auction went 4 rounds with two buyers, netting us $85. So many thanks to our first reader, Shiv, for reading one of her own stories, Celebration, for our first winner. I look forward to hearing what our second buyer […]

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Cuckolding & Cuckqueaning Today, at 4 P.M. ET, The Kink Shrink brings us a talk about Cuckolding and Cuckqueaning.Even though it was recently in the news when it was made public that evangelical leader Jerry Fallwell Jr. enjoyed watching his wife Becki Falwell have sex with their pool boy, Giancarlo Granda, many don’t understand this […]

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Let Me Pimp You Out!

We are starting another auction project! This time, I want in to your cyber underpants! Next week, we are offering a several short auctions and we need YOUR RP skills to make it happen.1) We need your help publicizing the auction.2) We need your help to teach someone how to RP better as an auction […]