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Carnevale Contest 2021


This year, again, we do something different. This year, Carnevale is in celebration of The BDSM Garden. Instead of fiction stories, we will be writing articles to be posted on The Garden website. This year is a quality plus quantity contest.

In general, in an article, please explain the “who, what, when, where, how and why” if it a research style, for an opinion piece, both pro and con views are appreciated by the reader for learning and decision making.

You will write a one- page article on any of the given topics below or your own topic related to D/s or BDSM.

In exchange for one article, you will receive one point. For every article or additional, complete page to an article that you submit you will receive one point. Partial points will be awarded to additional pages at the discretion and opinion of the triad of admins.

Articles must be your own work. Quotations may be used but 85% of the work must be original.

Quotations must be cited by author and website or book and page. MLA format is not required. Citation lines will not be counted toward the space or word count.

Articles will be checked for plagiarism and citations.

Essays will be double-spaced, font type Times New Roman, font size 12pt, and a minimum of 500 words.

Articles should be complete with a full argument, opinion, explanation, or demonstration. Padded articles may be returned.

Use a spelling and grammar checker and/or an editor or beta reader.

Any photos, graphs, or illustrations must come with written permission from the original photographer or artist. Any photograph or illustration included in the article does not count toward the total word or space count.

All submitted articles will be posted on TheBDSMGarden.com website.

The due date for all articles is Midnight, Easter Sunday (April 4, 2021), Eastern Time.

The winner will be announced Monday, April 5, by midnight.

The prize for the winner of the most points is a handmade, red rose tipped, leather flogger and the admiration of your peers. A partial list of potential topics is available for download:

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