Read Me A Story

THE GARDEN, THE MASQUE, AND THE WIKtT ARCHIVES need a new software backbone from which to hang our articles, stories, galleries, and forums. Our elderly servers are being aged out at the hosting company. The software that the sites are built on will, unfortunately, not be supported on any modern server.
That means YOU (and we) get to play!
Are you an author?
Are you a reader?
Are you an audiophile?
Are you an accent whore?

Do you have a favorite short story that you want to have read to you? Do you want to hear it over and over again?
Let me read you a story!
The prize for the first auction round will be choosing one of the people listed below to read the short story of winner’s choosing aloud. Anything from a smutty lemon or lime fic to Shakespeare’s sonnets, from an original poem to Goodnight Moon is fair game (within site rules) – the choice is the winner’s!

Ms Kissa (U.S.A)
UnRulyNerdGirl (Canada)
Ms Kitten (U.S.A)
Ms Monster (Canada)
Mr Serrian (U.S.A)
Mr Pjosi (Netherlands)
Mr Cayman (England)
Ms Daunt (India)
Ms. Shiv (England)
Mr Kaine (Sweden)
Mr Love Muscle (USA)
Ms Laurie (USA)


Bidding starts at $25 US

Bidding is for real money via PayPal. If you don’t intend to honor your high bid, do not participate.

The reading time for the story should be no more than about thirty minutes.
After the auction, The Garden is happy to be a communication intermediary between winner and reader.
This prize is an audio recording only. Video recording is not included unless arranged with the reader of a children’s book with only the book illustrations shown on camera.
The story will be made available to the winner. If both winner and reader agree, the story may be posted online.
TheMasque Network makes no claim of copyright, only a private, recorded reading as a private fundraiser. All efforts will be made to secure the copyright for the reading, but none are to be assumed.
The purpose of this fundraiser is to redesign the eFiction software used on all three TheMasque Network sites and bridge the software for the Galleries, Forum, and chat.
Questions may be discreetly directed to the staff via the blue Send Message buttons at or
This contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, Fetlife, BDSMlr, Tumblr or any site or location that this notice is posted other than upon TheMasque Network.