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For the Dignity, Protection and Human Rights of Sex Workers in Oregon

June 17, 2021 Would you like to submit testimony? If you can offer insight into the harms that Oregonians face under sex work criminalization or are an Oregon resident who cares about the dignity, protection, and human rights of sex workers, then please email your testimony to us at

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Guest Blog – Slut-Shame, Sex-Shame, and Kink-Shame – The Experience of Trying to Live Authentically in World of Sexual Bullies

From the NCSF newsletter and website. March 11, 2021Dr. K  – The Submissive Next Door Sex is part of who we are as humans…let’s start with that. Every human is here as a result of a sexual act happening in some way. Our society is the result of successful procreation for centuries and yet American […]

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Journal Question

From Sleepmonger Simply put, I’m loving that He’s loving that I’m loving what He does. Make sense? He’s not “hurting me” He’s playing with my nerves in a way that we’ve established that I like. For me, all it is, is nerve signals going to my brain and releasing happy hormones. k