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Cuckolding & Cuckqueaning

Today, at 4 P.M. ET, The Kink Shrink brings us a talk about Cuckolding and Cuckqueaning.
Even though it was recently in the news when it was made public that evangelical leader Jerry Fallwell Jr. enjoyed watching his wife Becki Falwell have sex with their pool boy, Giancarlo Granda, many don’t understand this lifestyle choice. In a cuckolding lifestyle or scene, a couple brings a third (or more) partners into the bedroom and the male partner (or female if cuckqueaning) watches and takes pleasure in seeing his or her partner have sex with others. Humiliation play may be added to the scene as well, with the female partner and her lover making fun of the non-playing partner.
Sometimes, the cuckolding may be taken further than just a single scene with the partners using cuckolding as a life or lovestyle choice within a BDSM relationship. A dominant female partner will disallow her male partner to have sex with her with the reasoning that he is not good enough or in bed or that his penis is inadequate in size for her pleasure. She then secures the services of other partners called Bulls t have sex with as the cuck watches or does not see but is “forced” to listen to a recounting or seeing to the post-coital hygiene of his partner.
In non-BDSM relationships, the female partner is called a hotwife and the pleasure in sharing is obviously mutual and lacks the aspects of humiliation jealousy. The pleasure for the watching is that he or she can comfortably watch the person they love receive pleasure and have fun.
“Some people enjoy the feeling of being humiliated, some people like to pretend that they are watching a secretive event, so it’s more about voyeurism,” said Play. “For some people, they want to act out catching a cheater, and for others, it’s a celebration of the sexuality of their partner.” Says sex educator Kenneth Play.


  • Cuckold – A man married to an unfaithful wife, especially when he is unaware or unaccepting of the fact. May be knowing and consensual where man may experience pleasure from watching. From Middle English cokolde, cokewold, cockewold, kukwald, kukeweld, from Old French cucuault; a compound of cucu (“cuckoo”) (some varieties of the cuckoo bird lay their eggs in another’s nest)
  • Cuckquean – A wife who is compliant in her fetish for her husband’s unfaithfullness or adultery. The female equivalent of the male cuckold. From Middle English quene (“young, robust woman”), from Old English cwene (“woman, female serf”), from Proto-Germanic *kwenǭ (“woman”), from Proto-Indo-European *gʷḗn (“woman”). Cognate with Dutch kween (“a barren woman, a barren cow”), Low German quene (“barren cow, heifer”), German Kon (“wife”), Swedish kvinna (“woman”), Icelandic kona (“woman”), Gothic 𐌵𐌹𐌽𐍉 (qinō, “woman”), 𐌵𐌴𐌽𐍃 (qēns, “wife”).
  • Cuck – n. a cuckold; a weakling; One who acts against one’s own interests. v. to make one a cuckold
  • Cuckoldress – A female cuckolder; a woman who cuckolds her husband or partner.
  • Adulteress – a woman who commits adultery
  • Bull – the willing third party in a relationship or encounter
  • Hotwife – a married woman who has sexual relationships outside of her marriage, with the full knowledge and consent of her husband, who himself doesn’t have affairs.
  • EPE – Erotic Power Exchange – Erotic power exchange is any situation where partners, of their own free will and choice, actively and willfully incorporate the power element in their lovemaking (and usually for a great deal in their relationship).
  • CBT – Cock and Ball Torture
  • Chastity – limiting or stopping all sexual pleasure or intercourse through choice or device
  • Small Cock Humiliation – humiliating a male about the size of his penis, indicating that he is inadequate sexually or as a provider
  • Negotiation – the agreements made about a scene or lifestyle for the mutual satisfaction of both parties
  • Wifey – The female (and famous) half of a husband and hotwife enterprise begun in the late ‘90’s detailing her sexual exploits at https://wifeysworld.com/
  • Voyeurism – the practice of obtaining sexual gratification from observing others