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New and News on The BDSM Garden 1/18/21

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The Garden, The Masque, and The WIKTT Archives will be down a couple times this week while our host deals with some stuff for us. Please be patient. I promise we will be back as soon as possible.

I am starting our TOPIC CHATS back up after a long holiday suspension. We need experts, knowledgeable amateurs, and presenters! Want to share what you know? Drop me a line, please!

We have a great contest going now for those BDSM writers and educators. Here’s the lowdown: http://thebdsmgarden.net/carnevale-contest-2021/

Also, The Garden has a SHOP for your kinky, devout, and/or snarky needs. Where to find us? It’s so easy. Just remember that we’re case sensitive and don’t mind the construction dust. We still need a few finishing touches. We ARE happy to transfer design for you and make custom goodies for you and yours! http://bit.ly/TheBDSMGardenStore

Newest Articles on The Garden
How to Access Sub-space… by FRR Mallory Conservative
With most submissives it is important for them to first ‘believe’ in the existence of sub-space and second to identify the sensations within themselves that are indicators of the existence of that space when they have entered it. There are a few submissives…

Deceit by FRR Mallory Conservative
It is seldom possible to divorce our inner feelings entirely from the thoughts, considerations and even dreams upon which we were raised. Within the mind the concept of ‘marriage’ tends to connotate permanence, commitment, devotion, stability…

Dealing With Abuse by FRR Mallory Provocative
Please note – If you have a serious mental illness relating to abuse in any form that you should immediately seek out excellent professional assistance and work through, process or otherwise reach a point of mental stability. This should occur prior to…

Dark Realities by FRR Mallory Conservative
Lord **** grim words and posting bring sad sighs of shared pain and anguish to me. Over the years the tiny news clips parade like a litany of darkness in the soul. Some are friends, some distant names whispered on frightened lips. This posting propelled…

Damage Control by FRR Mallory Conservative
Sometimes a Dominant will become involved with a submissive unlike any submissive they have met before. In this case I am referring to a High-End Submissive. 

Cyber Realities by FRR Mallory Conservative
As with all things the cyber realm has two faces. One positive and one negative. We, as a community cannot ignore this new child among us. Nor can we impose upon it rules and standards that no longer work with the efficacy of the past. We have to accept…

COVENANT by FRR Mallory Conservative
An agreement which is usually created in a formal way, to be regarded with solemn integrity, formed to be binding upon those who engage in the covenant together. This type of formal agreement is often considered within the light of ‘common-law’ or is…

Coping With Release by FRR Mallory Conservative
Relationships end. Sometimes through the willful choice of both partners, other times one may ask for or be released. In either case the ending of a relationship is painful. In my opinion many D/s relationships tend to function in a deeper response zone…

CONVERSIONS by FRR Mallory Conservative
This is based on a real life question about the possibility of converting a vanilla person toward the kink lifestyle known as D/s BDSM. I will not address the ethics of whether or not one should consider this but instead look at the possibilities. 

CONTROL by FRR Mallory Conservative
Control – To exercise restraining or directing influence over.    

Consequences by FRR Mallory Conservative
A consequence is the ‘necessary result’ of an action. 

CONSENSUALITY by FRR Mallory Conservative
Consent: Compliance with or in approval of what is done or proposed by another.    

COMMAND TRAINING by FRR Mallory Conservative
To be able to readily call forth, evoke, exact or compel. The art of command requires the ability to deliver an instruction into the very center of a submissives response centers.     

Collaring is the term commonly used by those in the D/s community to describe the commencement of a relationship between a Dominant and a submissive. It carries the same type of weight that a marriage ring does in its final stage and denotes the same…

BORN AGAIN by FRR Mallory Conservative
One in particular that often bothers me, the impact of the Internet on the lifestyle or the type of people that suddenly “found themselves ” at the ripe age of 40 . I wonder why a person’s sexual makeup only came out now? How could you not know you were…

Collaring Ceremonies by Garden Chat Topics Conservative
Nov 29 by MissWolf[K] and Kitten[MW]. A deep dive into the subject of collaring ceremonies.